Soul Healing Center

Spiritual Healing treatments are energy work that will help you to activate your own energy healing process through the love from within yourself. Master Carlos will balance all your energy centers to help you balance your mind, body emotions and sou in order to become more aware of your own spiritual truths.


Spiritual Healing is a gentle energy treatment that can help you to spiritually evolve and to grow so you can improve your life on many different levels.




Our Healing Benefits Through spiritual healing sessions, you will have most of your energy centers...


Our Program

My Space “Remembering Our Spiritual Truths Through Soul Healing & Reiki” Taking care of your...



Spiritual Healing Treatments & Spiritual life coaching 2018 Understanding your spiritual self can...


“ Immediately upon meeting Carlos, you realize he is one the happiest people you have ever encountered. By helping you to realize and expand upon your latent happiness with yourself, he will help you to project that openness and clarity towards others, a trait which is immediately recognizable by those around you. The benefit are tangible both to yourself and in your relationships with others (both personal and professional), and I have yet to depart from a session with Carlos with anything but an enduring smile.”

SoulHealing Center

What is life? What is the soul? What is love? What is the mind? What are emotions? Who are we? What is joy? What are we doing here? What is the universe? And, most importantly, what is spirituality?

These are the spiritual questions we are always asking. In order to help co-create the end of the chaos, hunger and suffering on our planet, and to improve our intimate relationships – we need to answer these questions! Our governments and religious leaders need to reflect on them and thereby spiritualize our educational, social, political, military, economic and justice systems...

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