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What is life? What is happiness? What is the soul? What is the mind? What are emotions? Who are we? What are we doing here? What is the universe? What is spirituality? And, most importantly, what is love?

These are the spiritual questions we are always wondering. In order to help co-create the end of the chaos, hunger and suffering on our planet, and to improve our intimate relationships – we need to answer these questions! Our governments and religious leaders need to reflect on them and thereby spiritualize our educational, social, political, military, economic and justice systems. If we can answer these questions, we can end our violent and self-destructive human behaviors, experience spiritual evolution and bring the human race together as one family.

If we continue to believe that we do not have the answers to these spiritual questions, we will prolong our struggle. But if we strive instead to understand our spirituality, life will be so much easier. If we understand that these spiritual answers have been within our soul since time immemorial, since the “Big Bang,” we can change and heal our planet!

Now, I would like to invite you, my divine soul mates, to join me on this spiritual journey. In this eternal present moment, together – let us answer these eternal spiritual questions through Reiki Sessions and Life Coaching!

The Soul Healing Club shares free spiritual awareness and advice to those in need. $25 - $50 - $75 - Other | USD