Master Carlos

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Master Carlos’ Bio

Master Carlos was incarnated in Peru in 1955. He has been giving professional Spiritual Life Coaching and teaching spiritual healing for 40 years in the Washington metro area and over thirty five countries. Carlos is an evolved being and he can help you remember who you really are spiritually in this physical universe. Carlos is the founder and Director of the Natural Spiritual Healing Center in Falls Church, VA. He loves sharing his deep wisdom and experiences as a spiritual life coach.

Carlos will help you become more aware of the causes of dysfunctional intimate relationships and to understand some of the characteristics of how the mind, body, soul, and emotions work. He has given talks on spirituality and metaphysical psychology at the Northern Virginia Community College, the Arlington Metaphysical Chapel in Arlington, VA, the Psychiatric Institute of Washington, DC, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and the Institute for Spiritual Development. He is the author of The Body Language of Dance, Wisdom In Action and new Our Spiritual Truths, now available on Amazon.

Our World

In the last two thousand years, our world has become dysfunctional because of our belief system which has produced all the suffering, pain, violence and separation among ourselves. If we expand and practice our spiritual perspective we can heal our world.

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